Affiliate Leader Training


Inner City - Circle of HopeThe Affiliate City Leader is key to the transformation of America’s cities. Every city has individuals and ministries that feel called by God to impact their city. However, often these leaders lack the tools, training, or connections to make their maximum potential impact.

The Affiliate City Leader is an individual called by God to be serve in this urban context. This training center provides training, tools, strategies, and ideas that have been successful used in cities across the country to make an impact. The purpose of this equipping might help an Affiliate City Leader become an expert in one particular tool or resource with which they can help serve and equip an urban congregation.

Or they might have a broader vision and become familiar with a broader set of tools and ideas from this training center with which they can then serve their city in building coalitions and collaborations in a variety of areas.

 Watch the Circle of Hope Framework Video – 3m

Overview of the Digital Training and Engagement Center – 9m

The Circle of Hope Framework – PDF set

Launch Leadership Video Training Curriculum


Connect – Helping Churches Connect in greater ways to their community through the use of compassionate resources


Empower – Expanding a churches impact through training and volunteers


Develop – Transforming communities through Youth Development and Adult Development

Expert from the Middle

Expert from the Middle - A unique kind of expert that listens, discerns and wisely suggests an idea or resources that best fits a situation.

Working with Pastors


Ministering for the Long Haul


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