Inner City - Summer Urban Mission 1Our cities need leadership.

In our urban centers, Inner City Church pastors and ministry leaders are key to neighborhood and city transformation.

Our primary focus is serving those who are ministering in these challenging environments where dealing with the brokenness and messiness of life is constantly before them.

Resourcing and serving these leaders in the context of partnerships with others can extend these urban leaders impact.

We seek to serve:

  • The Inner City Church, Pastor and Ministry Leader – is on the ground, in the neighborhood, being the feet and hands of Jesus along with his congregation.
  • The Resourcing Churches – that God has provided specific resources that in partnership with the Inner City Church can bring a great impact to the urban core.
  • The Affiliate Cru Inner City Leader – who is an individual that becomes a champion of connecting pastors and leaders to resources, tools, and strategies that can extend and expand the impact of the urban church.
  • Volunteers – from whatever walk of life they come from – the inner-city church member, the workplace professional, the college student, the senior citizen – we seek to mobilize and equip them to “invest their lives” not just “spend them”.

Look around this Digital Training and Engagement Center and see what interests you and contact us so we can help you further.